Anti Bullying Charter Mark

Our school has been awarded the Doncaster Anti-Bullying Charter Mark – Bronze Award

To be awarded this charter mark we have achieved the following

School has identified a member of staff as the Anti-Bullying Co
Members of the school community know who the Anti-Bullying Coor
School takes an active part in the National Anti-Bullying Week
Relevant helplines and websites are displayed around the school
Anti-bullying literature is available on request
School identifies areas and times where bullying is most likely
School has an anti-bullying which has been written within the l
The schools anti-bullying policy is publicised each year and is
The anti-bullying policy includes a clear complaints procedure
School has an agreed system for recording all incidents of bull
School provides opportunities for members of the school communi
School has established a peer support system for bully and bull
Key staff are aware of pupils at risk of being bullied
When dealing with bullying issues, the needs of all parties are
School offers some opportunities for work on bullying issues th
Pupils explore the feelings of those who are bullied and explor
Key members of staff have attended anti-bullying awareness trai
Key members of staff are aware of schools bullying trends