Welcome to the website of Highwoods Academy, a successful, popular and thriving primary school on the outskirts of Mexborough. If you are already a member of our school community, we hope the site enables you to access all the information you need and also to share in recognising and celebrating our achievements.

If you do not already know Highwoods Academy we hope our website will give you a flavour for our school.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us to arrange a visit. We would be delighted to ‘show you around.’


Learning together,

Growing together,

Aiming High!

We believe that Highwoods should progressive, research-led and dynamic.

Highwoods nurtures curiosity and creativity through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum where learning is at the heart of all we do. 

It is a community where everyone feels welcome, valued, listened to, safe and secure, with mutual respect for all.

We are a school where all children are encouraged to express ideas and opinions,

to look beyond themselves, to be independent, where a lifelong love of learning is the norm

and all children reach their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally,

in a rich, inclusive, non-judgemental and supportive learning environment, providing high-quality education.

Our children learn to become resilient and self-assured.

Everyone is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as individuals,

preparing them for their role as caring and active citizens.

A school that works in partnership together, valuing

the diversity and contributions of others.

A school that all children remember with 

pride and affection

Working in collaboration with

Empowering Minds Academy Trust

Inspire, Empower, Achieve - Together!

Highwoods’ Core Values

Our 10 values as agreed upon by the whole school community











Highwoods Academy

Highwoods Road


South Yorkshire

S64 9ES

If you need to contact the school feel free to give the school office a call on 

01709 583273

alternatively drop us an email to