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Oak National Academy

… a collection of high-quality lessons and online resources.
Our online classroom offers free access to great teachers, delivering video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. Available for both primary and secondary levels, it covers a range of subjects. All of the lessons are ordered so your child can learn along a clear plan.



Ten Pieces at Home

Here you will find weekly activities for primary schools, home educators and parents to share with their students. Each includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative activity that can be completed by children at home without any special materials or preparation. A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music.

White Rose Maths Lessons at home

Always happy to help, the White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8.
Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully

Learning about online safety at home

This page is intended to provide you with support and resources to help you learn about online safety at home with your child.

Learning at Home Packs

Free English and maths materials in our Learning at Home packs.

The Lowry

….committed to using visual and performing arts to enrich people’s lives. We present audiences with a diverse programme of theatre, opera, musicals, dance, music, comedy and visual art as well as events and activities to expand the horizons of audiences and artists alike.
At the heart of our work is a commitment to our local communities and young people. Tapping into the work on our stages and in our galleries, we offer thousands of free creative participation opportunities each year. We are passionate about nurturing talent, developing creative professionals of the future and raising aspirations.

Some songs to sing
Here are the songs to sing along to, the words and the printed music.

Perhaps you can get someone to film you singing them and post to our Twitter account @Highwoods School

Proud of our School
Words are to the right –>>>>

Karaoke time!!

Video your performance and Tweet it on our Twitter page @Highwoods School

Our Wonderful World
Click the play button below to hear the song.

Words are to the right –>>>>

Karaoke time!!

Video your performance and Tweet it on our Twitter page @Highwoods School

Maths Mastery free resources

Experts at Ark Curriculum Plus, working across Mathematics Mastery and English Mastery, have designed a selection of resources to use at home. We want to make sure children still get opportunities to talk and learn with someone every day. Below are resources and guidance that can be used to provide daily sessions for learners from Reception to Year 9.

Click here to access


Science Sparks
Keep the kids busy with a chocolate egg zip line




An online video resource which offers a series of video classes for early learners (Early Years/KS1). It contains a diverse array of age-appropriate subject-specific knowledge, including cookery, sing-a-long, interactive storytime on-demand. Think of it almost as a Netflix for early years learners!

Early Years/KS1




2Simple – ‘Purple Mash’

This is an online digital platform which allows teachers to deliver the curriculum online through a range of online resources, allowing teachers to set tasks and for young people to digitally complete them. Young people register an account, as do teachers. Though parents can also register too and undertake the teacher function.

The Purple Mash is aligned entirely to the KS1/KS2 curriculum and covers subjects as diverse as reading, writing, history, design technology. It has a significant number of activities.

Early Years – Primary (KS1, KS2)




National Literacy Trust and Doncaster Stories Family Zone Website

It is easy to use website, divided by age group and will continue to grow. The Family Zone is working on resources including:

  • Simple and fun Small Talk videos to help parents chat, play and read with their young child
  • Top tips for enjoying audiobooks as a family
  • A guide to building a reading den at home
  • A Reading Miles Global Challenge to encourage children to read around the world
  • Activity sheets based on popular children’s books, including Where’s Wally?, as well as playful learning activities featuring much-loved CBeebies characters
  • Exciting author videos, including live stories with author Steve Antony, draw-along sessions with illustrator Rob Biddulph and poetry workshops with Sarah Crossan

Click here to access the site


Activ8 – PE home learning

A fantastic resource pack to keep you active and healthy whilst at home.

Thank you to Owen and his team at Activ8 for this pack!

Click here to view the PDF


Classroom Secrets

A series of bright and colourful activities for primary age pupils.

Early Years/Primary




On-line, On the Phone, Anytime

Revision KS1

Revision KS2

Music, words and everything you and your friends need to prepare for the big day

Nrich Maths

Inspire a love of reading


Play whilst Learning
Get Creative